Apartment Insurance Claim Assistance

Apartment insurance claims are of the most complex types of claims out there. Unlike a regular homeowners claim, there are multiple parties involved. One one hand, there is the actual apartment company, but there are also tenants renting individual units. When disaster strikes, apartment owners or managers are generally far more concerned about the actual operations standpoint when there is damage in the complex. That’s why hiring Guardian Public Adjusters for your apartment insurance claim assistance is your best option. We work on behalf of all parties involved to make sure each gets the settlement they deserve.


Whether the inside of the apartment is left with fire and smoke damage or the entire apartment building is covered in hail damage, figuring out who is responsible for what is key. After all, there is a big difference between apartment insurance coverage and renter’s insurance coverage. We have ample experience understanding rental agreements and insurance claims to get through the insurance process as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Types of Apartment Claim Services

Filing an insurance claim is no simple process. Luckily, we’re here to help. These are just a handful of our apartment claim services available throughout Central Illinois:


Don’t let your insurance company just assign you one of their public adjusters. They may see your apartment claim as a way to take advantage of you since it can be so complex. From rental loss assistance to property damage evaluations, we will secure any insurance settlement you are entitled to. Call us today to get started.