School & University Insurance Claim Assistance

School and university insurance claims are unlike any other due to their complex nature. When disaster strikes a school, safety is obviously first priority, but then where do you even start? Sure, physical damage is the most obvious, but you also have to consider any records or equipment that is damaged or lost along the way. Let Guardian Public Adjusters help you navigate with expert school insurance claim assistance.


At Guardian, we understand that getting your school back up and running is important to keep enrollment up, employees secured, and revenue coming in. When you have multiple departments making decisions and trying to communicate with many insurance representatives, vital information can get lost and your claim may be delayed or even denied. 


Education Claim Services

With education cuts at an all-time high, you can’t afford to lose a penny when it’s time to restore your school. Whether you are operating a preschool, high school, or university, Guardian can provide education claim services that will ensure a smooth claims process and a maximum payout. Some of these include:

  • inventory of all damages
  • insurance policy analysis
  • adjusting & negotiating
  • paperwork and record keeping


If your school or university has been affected by any type of disaster big or small, call Guardian Public Adjusters to represent you. We work on behalf of our clients, not the insurance company, to help your school get back in session. We will work directly with your insurance providing, advocating for you to get the best insurance settlement possible as quickly as possible.