Church Claims Assistance

More and more churches and other places of worship are utilizing public adjusters when they experience any sort of disaster. Why? With such limited funds, they need to maximize their insurance payouts to be able to resume business as normal. Guardian Public Adjusters proudly provides church claims assistance throughout Central Illinois. We understand your need for funds to repair damages and make up for losses, and we also know how to get you those funds you are entitled to.


You may think that your insurance company will cut you a break since churches operate on a low budget. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Filing a claim with your insurance company is important, but you should also hire a public adjuster to represent you instead of a private or insurance adjuster who will only work on behalf of your insurance company to keep your settlement as minimal as possible.


Our Church Claim Services

Whether you have yet to submit a claim or have a denied or delayed claim, we can help you. We are licensed, trained experts who provide services that will ensure your insurance claim is submitted correctly the first time. Some of our church claim services include:

  • Insurance policy assessment
  • Documentation of damages
  • Cosmetic & non-cosmetic evaluations
  • Negotiations with your insurance provider


If you own or operate a church or other place of worship in Central Illinois and need to submit an insurance claim, let us help you. We can guide you through every step of the claims process and ensure you have all the documentation and paperwork needed for the payout you deserve. Call today!