Public Adjuster Handshake

Independent Adjusters vs. Public Adjusters

What is a public adjuster? What is the difference between the adjuster my insurance company provides and a public adjuster? Who does a public adjuster help? These are all common questions we see when helping our clients. It’s important to educate yourself on these topics because when the time comes it could save you thousands … Continue reading Inde

Let’s Talk Hail Damage

Unfortunately, Illinois can get hailstorms from time to time. When the hail hits, it can damage many of your personal possessions- your roof, car, and possibly other things. Luckily, most homeowner insurance policies cover hail damage! Hail Damage Indicators Different types of homes or businesses can appear different when they get damaged by hail. Depending … Continue reading
Broken Pipe

Oh No! I Have A Broken Pipe! Busted Pipe Insurance Claims

There’s nothing worse than discovering water damage in your home. One common source of water damage is busted pipes. Some signs that you might have a busted pipe include: Water damage Discoloration Marks Bulging Walls Odors Ahh, cue the stress. But have no fear, some homeowner insurance policies cover plumbing and burst pipes! Although a … Continue reading
House Fire Insurance Claims

Homeowner Insurance Claim Tips

When your home has been affected by a disaster it’s hard to get past the damage it caused. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional with the right experience to help you sort through your home insurance claims. Below are some quick insurance claim tips we have for anyone who is suffering after a … Continue reading Homeowner Insurance Claim Tips

Understanding Vandalism Insurance Claims

When it comes to vandalism insurance claims, you might not be aware of what counts as vandalism and if your policy covers vandalism in the first place. That’s why at Guardian Public Adjusters we will work with you to understand your policy and if you would be covered if you fall victim to acts of … Continue reading Understanding Vandalism Insuran