Illinois’ Trusted Hail Damage Insurance Claims Experts

When a fierce hail storm comes through your area, it’s important to inspect your home to see if any hail damage is present. If you see hail damage, you should not only get it fixed but make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to through your insurance. This is a complex process and you shouldn’t only rely on your insurance company to tell you what your compensation is. Let Guardian Public Adjusters help you with your hail damage insurance claims. Our team works on behalf of you, not your insurance company, so our goal is to make sure you are taken care of and can get your life restored back to normal.

Hail damages are more complex than they initially appear. When is a repair better than a replacement, for example? Also, how do you know if the damage is due to the hail storm or if it’s just lingering damage from normal wear-and-tear? It’s important to know all of these details, as your insurance company may try to dispute the damages on your claim. Guardian Public Adjusters has years of experience, though, and will work in your best interest to ensure your hail damage claims are as stress-free as possible.


Our Hail Damage Claims Services

We serve both residential and commercial customers in communities Illinois, providing the following comprehensive hail damage claims services:

  • Professional inspections for even the littlest bits of hail damage
  • Inventory of damages with replacement values assigned
  • Help filing insurance paperwork to ensure quick, smooth processing
  • Insurance negotiation to make sure you get the payout you are entitled to


If your home or business has been affected by a hail storm, call us right away. A single call is much quicker than having to deal with your insurance company and we guarantee we can make the insurance process go much quicker.