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Natural disasters can not only disrupt your living or workspace but can cause emotional distress that can have lasting effects. Struggling to file a complicated and lengthy insurance claim may be the last thing you want to do after your property has been damaged. Guardian Public Adjusters is here to help you when life seems to have turned upside down.


Our Insurance Claims Services in Canton

Home and business owners need their own advocates when filing an insurance claim for property loss or damage. Our certified adjusters have years of experience filing the following types of common insurance claims:


Storm Damage Claims

Large storms can cause severe property damage due to heavy rains, strong winds, or powerful hail. We can assist you quickly and efficiently filing your insurance claims.


Fire Damage Claims

Most homeowners underestimate the residual damage caused by a fire. Smoke damage and damage to pipes and electrical cables can remain hidden for years and years to come. We have the experience to properly claim all damages that may have occurred in a home or business fire.


Water Damage Claims

Damage from a burst pipe or leaky appliance is one of the most common insurance claims. Allow us to assist you in filing your insurance claim.


Flood Damage Claims

At Guardian Public Adjusters, we have experienced adjusters who can help you understand what damages are covered under your insurance policy. We can help shoulder the burden of the claims process so that you can begin the cleanup process and get your life and home back in order as quickly as possible.


Theft & Vandalism Claims

One of the difficulties of filing a theft claim is determining what items have gone missing and then proving their value. That is where the experience of Guardian Public Adjusters can be of assistance. We have the knowledge and experience to properly assess and file a theft or vandalism claim on your behalf.


The Home or Business Owner’s Friend in Canton

Guardian Public Adjusters is the home and business owner’s friend when it comes to insurance claims. We act in the best interest of the property owner and seek to ensure that the insurance policy and all applicable laws and regulations are fully followed. Guardian Public Adjusters is your calm in the storm when the storms of life threaten to overwhelm you.

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