Flood Damage Insurance Claims? We’ve got you covered!

Often, flooding seems to come out of nowhere, leading to flood damage insurance claims. What begins as a small storm can lead to big problems for a home or business owner in just a few hours. The effects, however, can last for a lot longer than the victims might anticipate.

That’s because damage from a flood continues long after the water itself has receded or been pumped away. Items in a home or business can be ruined, and the property itself can be damaged. Wiring may be ruined, structures could be weakened, and mold may set in. Even dirt and debris that floated in with the flood could cause big headaches later.

Of course, many people don’t realize this and are eager to move on from a flood as quickly as possible. And so, they rush through their insurance claims or fail to properly assess the full value of items that have been damaged or lost.


Our Flood Damage Claims Services

At Guardian Public Adjusters, our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Our flood damage claims services include the following:

  • Properly measuring the damage caused by the flood
  • Cataloging all the parts of your property that have been affected
  • Completing detailed insurance forms to speed up your settlement
  • Negotiating with insurers so you get the claim you’re entitled to


Your Guardian representative works for you, not your insurance company. So, if you’re interested in getting the payout you deserve following a flood or other disaster, call us to see how we can help.