Hotel Insurance Claim Assistance

Sure, most hotels make their guests sign agreements or secure damage deposits, but what happens when a natural disaster comes through and completely rips off the roof? Or when pipes freeze leaving your hotel with flooded rooms? Hotel insurance claims are complex because they often involve so many different parties. On top of that, hotel managers and owners are usually more concerned with getting repairs done as quickly as possible to get their business back up and running. Unfortunately, making hasty decisions during the insurance process can end up costing you more money. That’s why you should hire the professionals at Guardian Public Adjusters to walk you through the entire process. Our hotel insurance claim assistance will ensure you get the settlement you need.


Types of Hotel Claims Services

Why do you need a public adjuster to help you when a disaster strikes your hotel? We know you need to be able to handle your staff and guests, which is why we want to take the insurance claims process off your plate. Some of our hotel claims services include:

  • business interruption claims
  • policy review
  • damage estimates
  • claims adjusting & negotiating


At Guardian Public Adjusters, we understand the fear and anxiety you may experience when your hotel is damaged. Your insurance company will likely make you jump through numerous hoops, and if you aren’t able to submit your claim exactly right, you are at risk for a delayed or denied claim. From finding even the smallest damages to helping with paperwork and even negotiating with your insurance provider, we will ensure your claim goes through as quickly as possible. Call today!