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Any amount of damage to your property is worth reporting to your insurance company. Even more than that, though, you will want to make sure you have fair representation during the evaluation and settlement process. Your insurance company will give you an adjuster, but beware that they aren’t working on your behalf. They are simply working to make sure the insurance company has to pay as little as possible. At Guardian Public Adjusters, we work directly for our clients, assisting with the insurance claims process to get maximum settlements. We are passionate about being a public adjuster in Beardstown, IL, so contact us today if you have suffered from any type of loss and we will give you the support you deserve.


Our Insurance Claim Services in Beardstown, IL

Property damage comes in all shapes and sizes, but always at an inconvenient time. You may not even have had experience with submitting an insurance claim before and don’t know where to start. We have years of experience, often assisting with the following types of insurance claims:


Storm Damage Claims

Tornadoes, heavy winds, and hail can cause catastrophic damage to your home. The least we can do is help you through the insurance claim process to get you back on your feet.


Fire Damage Claims

The only thing that can make a house fire worse is dealing with an insurance company that undervalues your losses. Let us help negotiate for you.


Water Damage Claims

We are experts in helping with your water damage claims, providing services including water removal all the way through the paperwork process.


Flood Damage Claims

If your home has been flooded by heavy rain, we can help you understand your coverage and submit your flood damage claim as quickly as possible.


Theft & Vandalism Claims

Theft insurance claims largely come down to proof. We will make sure all your evidence, evaluations, and paperwork are completed correctly.


Get Your Insurance Claim Help Today

To get the best insurance claim help in Central Illinois, call the team at Guardian Public Adjusters or fill out our online form. We will help with everything from paperwork to negotiating, and more. Our goal is simply to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and get you a fair settlement.


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