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When you file a claim with your insurance company, for you it’s highly personal, but for them, it’s just a business transaction. Insurance companies look to make as much money possible by potentially cheating you out of money you deserve. That’s why you need the team at Guardian Public Adjusters to help you through the insurance claims process. We are experts in insurance policies and insurance claims, and we proudly serve the residents of Springfield, IL, helping homeowners and business owners get quick, fair insurance settlements. Contact us to learn more or schedule your assessment.


Our Insurance Claim Services in Springfield

Although we provide a variety of insurance claim services, our main goal is to help you recover from your disaster and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. From filing paperwork to negotiating on your behalf, we really do it all. Our insurance claim services help with the following type of disasters:


Storm Damage Claims

When a storm of any severity damages your home or business, you are not alone. We will fight for you to get the best insurance settlement possible.


Fire Damage Claims

A house or business fire can leave you not only with significant damage but also a feeling of helplessness, but we are here to support you through the fire damage claims process.


Water Damage Claims

If unresolved, water damage can lead to mold damage. That’s why you need to not only submit your claim promptly but also with accuracy. Let us make sure the process goes smoothly.


Flood Damage Claims

The only way to be sure what you are entitled to during a flood is to have an expert look at it, but not just your insurance company. We are on your side.


Theft & Vandalism Claims

If your property is stolen or damaged, never just assume you are at a total loss. We can help you understand your coverage and help you get through your claim.


How Do I Get Insurance Claim Help in Springfield?

Getting your insurance claim help is as easy as calling Guardian Public Adjusters today. You won’t get any gimmicks or lofty promises, but rather a representative who truly cares about your well-being and will work hard to get you a fair settlement.



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