What Are Homeowners Insurance Exclusions?

Equipping yourself with homeowners insurance is a smart move. It covers many of the major issues you may face while living in your home and will prevent you from an even bigger headache of paying for restoration costs out of pocket if your home does incur damages. However, just because you have homeowners insurance doesn’t … Continue reading What Are
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3 Ways To Avoid An Insurance Claim Denial

Filing an insurance claim can leave you with a headache, and nothing is worse than going through the motions only to find out that your claim has been denied. While insurance providers are doing everything they can to save themselves money, there are also ways on your end you can prevent a denied insurance claim. … Continue reading 3 Ways To Avoid An

3 Types of Claims Adjusters

When you go to file your insurance claim, you will be assigned an adjuster. But who is that adjuster? And who are they working for? Did you know you are able to hire your own adjuster, too? You will hear various types of adjusters thrown around as possibilities for who will evaluate your damage and … Continue reading 3 Types of Claims Adjusters
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I Received A Request For An Examination Under Oath – Now What?

So you’ve suffered from a loss, have contacted your insurance company, submitted an inventory list, and then out of nowhere receive a request to appear at an examination under oath (EUO). You may be wondering what that is and why you are receiving such a request. At Guardian Public Adjusters, we help our clients get … Continue reading I Received A Request For An Exami
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Water Damage vs Flood Damage Insurance Claims

What type of insurance claim are you really making? During spring and summer, heavy rainfalls trench the Midwest and, unfortunately, some may experience water damage to their homes. Others may just come home to a leaking dishwasher or exploded pipe. No matter what the cause, water and flood damage are never convenient or cheap. One … Continue reading Water Damage